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How Will Donations Be Used?

100% of the donations will be used to fund drinking water wells and clean water projects. Our fundraising goal is $40,500. This money will fund one well ($12,500) near the remote village of Adjove, Togo. This is an area where we have installed four wells, and there are now thousands of people drinking clean water. 

Donations will also fund two wells in Uganda: one near Lake Kyogo and another near Lake Victoria ($17,000 for both wells). Both lakes are polluted and are the primary sources of drinking water for the local people, and the community on the banks of Lake Victoria recently experienced an outbreak of Cholera from drinking polluted lake water. These two wells will provide clean water to hundreds of people in each location. 

We will also be funding the construction of a water quality monitoring boat and water sampling equipment on Lake Victoria ($2,000). This is an area that is heavily polluted by industry. When we toured this location we saw a heavy concentration of factories that are each dumping a significant amount of pollution into Lake Victoria. This boat will allow the Ugandan Lake Victoria Waterkeeper there to monitor these factories in an effort to advocate for better pollution controls. Finally, we also want to continue to fund water sampling on Lake Victoria in Kenya and build boat for water sampling ($9,000).