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How Will Donations Be Used?

100% of the donations will be used to fund drinking water wells and clean water projects. Our current fundraising goal is $73,000. We are now partnering with Wine to Water to provide water filters for homes, schools and health care facilities. For only $100 you can provide a drinking water filters to families that are currently drinking contaminated water. This filter will last for 10 years and will be maintained by the families and the local riverkeepers in Togo, Uganda and Kenya. 


Additional donations will fund one well ($16,000) near the remote village of Adjove, Togo. Four wells in Uganda for $32,000 and on well in near Kisuma Kenya for $10,000. This is an area where we have installed four wells, and there are now thousands of people drinking clean water. 


Donations will also fund another 100 water filters at schools and health clinics in Togo, Uganda, and Kenya as well as another 5 water tanks at schools in Uganda. 

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